A spiritual home at the foot of Yufu that makes you want to return again.

The concept is
"welcome home"

Passing through Yunotsubo Kaido, a busy tourist destination, towards Mt. Yufudake
As you move forward, you will see buildings that look like old folk houses.
We arrive at a village-like inn called ``Hoteiya.''

"welcome home"
All the cast members will welcome you with hearty smiles.
Steamed in hot springs upon arrival of guests
We have sweet potatoes and eggs available.

It's like coming home,
Please enjoy a relaxing time.

The concept is "Welcome back"

detached guest room

An old folk house style house for rent
Separate guest room with open-air bath

A detached guest room featuring an old-fashioned thatched roof.
Each room has a different floor plan and view.
Please relax in your own home.

*Some rooms do not have a bath.


Surrounded by the healing power of nature
Moist natural hot spring

The hot springs at our hotel are simple hot springs that are characterized by a smooth texture.
It is also rich in metasilicic acid, which is said to have a moisturizing effect. In addition to the large public bath, there is also a family bath and a private bath.

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Made with materials from Kyushu
Hoteiya style creative cuisine

We use high-quality ingredients grown in the clean waters of Kyushu.
The ultimate dish prepared by a chef with 30 years of experience in Japanese cuisine.
Please enjoy.

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cooking image
cooking image
cooking image
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  • A resting place for a hotel shopYoppitei

  • Warm, crackling, crunchy...
    A relaxing place where you can eat deliciously and enjoy talking.
    Please come and visit Yoppitei.

Recommended plan

  • Check-in

    How to spend



    Check in at the lobby.
    Freshly steamed sweet potatoes and eggs will be prepared upon your arrival.


  • detached guest room

    How to spend


    detached guest room

    Go to a detached guest room with a nostalgic feeling that makes you want to say "I'm home."


  • Outdoor bath

    How to spend


    Outdoor bath

    A spacious open-air bath that gently heals the fatigue of your travels.


  • Rokkakudo/After-bath area

    How to spend


    Rokkakudo/After-bath area

    We have drinks that will make you happy after taking a bath.
    Depending on the season, there are also small surprises such as popsicles and soap bubbles.


  • dinner

    How to spend



    We offer Hoteiya's special creative dishes, packed with the chef's passion.


  • Yoppitei

    How to spend



    A sweets making challenge to accompany alcohol.
    You don't have to worry because the resident "Popcorn Uncle" will give you a lecture on how to make it!


  • Guest room open-air bath

    How to spend


    Guest room open-air bath

    Enjoy Yufuin's hot springs again, this time in your room.


  • morning milk service

    How to spend


    morning milk service

    After the morning bath, I had a glass of milk at Rokkakudo.
    The popular coffee milk runs out quickly, so be quick.


  • breakfast

    How to spend



    A colorful one-plate breakfast that will wake you up.
    Japanese and Western breakfast options are available daily.


  • Check out

    How to spend


    Check out

    Our cast members will see you off when you leave.
    Depart for a trip to Yufuin and Oita!


  • Access

  • While eating while walking...
    Riding a rickshaw...
    As if on the way home,
    Please come and relax.

    Access Map
    Access Map


  • Yufuin image
  • From Yufuin Station
    There is a free shuttle bus
    If you would like to pick up and drop off,
    Please inquire when making a reservation.


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