Thatched roofs will bring to your mind a typical old Japanese countryside, with a hearth fire,
murmuring streams, singing of birds, and the majestic Mt Yufu in the backdrop.
Time passes slowly where you are surrounded by pristine scenery teeming with flora and fauna.
Leave your hectic daily life behind. Set your foot in Yufuin and feel soothing atmosphere.
Your detached guesthouse in peace and quiet will give you a glimpse of an idyllic country life.

Welcome home!

Hoteiya is where you feel you belong.
Enjoy a relaxing time in a nostalgic setting,
as if you are part of surrounding nature.

Spend time in your peaceful detached guesthouse.
Soak yourself in our hot spring and you will feel you are part of nature.
Then, savor scrumptious local delicacies.
You may want to take a stroll in pristine, nostalgic scenery.
Hot-spring boiled eggs, steamed sweet potatoes and the bantam family
will welcome you back.

A tiny village-like resort nestled in greenery

You will feel like a resident of a tiny village
hearing birds’ twittering

At checking in,
you will be greeted
with hot spring-boiled eggs
and spring-steamed sweet potatoes.

The main building/Detached guesthouses

a harmonious blend of traditional and modern.


refined, nostalgic feel to it

Hot spring

Our simple thermal hot spring
gives your skin a velvety feel.
You may want to take a leisurely bath
in “Hotei-no-yu” or an exclusive family bath

Seize the wind and feel the season of green-rich Yufuin,
soaking yourself in
a spacious hot spring bath.


Warm light

The hearth will have a fire in it.
Interior lighting will be switched on,
and you will be surrounded by warm atmosphere.

Fire of the hearth and smoke
from the furnace will soothe visiting urbanites.