Palatable Delight

Various ingredients are brought in from both the mountain and the sea.
Our Japanese cooking expert chef prepares your Kaiseki-ryori,
bringing out the best in ingredients.

Hoteiya only uses locally harvested, fresh ingredients, or gift of nature.

You will savor Kyoto-style Japanese Kaiseki-ryori,
or an array of various dishes served one after another, in your place.
The main course is a meltingly delicious
“Bungo beef steak with Hoba miso”.
harvested fish are used for a raw fish platter,
and some vegetables are home-grown.
You may want to specially order Seki-saba and Seki-aji, brand-name mackerel and horse mackerel.
An advance order is recommended.
Every dish is prepared with utmost attention, and you will surely savor it.